General Aircon Servicing

general aircon servicing

Why is Routine Aircon Servicing Important?

As we all know, Singapore is summer all year round. The hot and humid weather throughout the year make it relatively essential to have an air conditioning system at home. But how often do you service your aircon? 

  1. Improve Indoor Air Quality – There is a chance that the air in your home is more polluted than the air outside. This is because other than keeping you cool, aircon helps to circulate and filter indoor air. Imagine your aircon’s air filter is clogged with dirt and dust. Breathing all these can cause health issues, or even worsen existing issues such as asthma and allergies. A regular aircon servicing will filtrate dirt and dust that is clogged in your aircon. 
  2. Save on Electricity – Other than selecting an energy efficient air conditioning unit, homeowners can save on their electrical bills by servicing their aircon punctually. A clean aircon do not need to work so hard to cool your home. Now that you do not need to lower the temperature, it helps to reduce your electricity bill.
  3. Abstrain Pricey Repairs – Routine aircon servicing lowers the likelihood of emergency aircon repairs. During EasyClean SG’s system inspection, our service specialist will check on the electrical components and inform you if any parts are damaged or require replacement as soon as possible. As compared to repair cost, the cost of air con servicing is rather low. 

EasyClean SG recommendation – engage in an aircon service contractor to service your aircon at least once a year. Of course, if you switch on the aircon more often, we recommend you engage once every 3 months. If you are unsure, feel free to check with our service specialist! 

EasyClean SG's Routine Aircon Servicing Tasklist:

  • Dismantling of fan coil unit
  • Chemical overhaul of evaporator coil
  • Cleaning of air filter
  • Cleaning of blower wheel
  • Cleaning of drain pan and drain pipe
  • Flushing of drain pipe
  • Reinstallation of fan coil unit
  • Checking all electrical components and settings
  • Testing and commissioning

Drop a WhatsApp text or call EasyCleanSG at +65 8875 6476 today to know more about our General Aircon Servicing.


All packages do not include adhesive, floor protection, paint and cement removal, disposal of bulky items off-site, window and door films removal and interior air-con cleaning.

EasyClean SG reserve the right to turn down any services due to unforeseen circumstances that may put our cleaners in any harmful or uncomfortable situation(s). Though we strive to provide the best service for our customers, our cleaners’ well-being is of our utmost priority. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information about EasyClean SG's Terms and Conditions prior to the cleaning services, drop us an email at [email protected]

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