On Cleaning Services:

1.  How is EasyCleanSG different from the rest of the cleaning companies?

EasyCleanSG is on a mission to ensure cleaning crews get paid better wages. We also hope everyone recognize the fact that cleaning needs to be seen and respected as a profession. Hence, all cleaning crews take pride in the service they deliver to all customers. 

2.  How does EasyCleanSG ensure on the service quality?

To be certain that nobody is overworked in our company, we attend cleaning services in larger teams. When the crews are not burned out, they are capable of performing better during cleaning services. 

EasyCleanSG certify that all cleaning crews are well-trained by sending them to relevant trainings and courses. We also conduct in-house training and lessons based on our SOPs. 

3.  Do I have to be present when the cleaning service takes place?

We strongly encourage you to present so we can answer your queries along the way and specific requirements (if any) can be communicated directly to the crews.

4.  Can I customize a cleaning tasklist based on my needs? 

Yes, you may. You can drop us a call/WhatsApp text so our friendly sales personnel can advise you accordingly. Do note that all packages do not include adhesive, floor protection, paint and cement removal, disposal of bulky items off-site, window and door films removal and interior air-con cleaning. 

5.  What is our Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy?

A minimum $50 deposit have to be made within 24 hours for booking for cleaning service. Reschedule of cleaning service have to be made at least 72 hours in advance. Deposit will be forfeited for last minute cancellation or MIA. 

6.  Can EasyCleanSG help with stain removal?

We do stain removal at our best effort. However, we seek for your understanding that not all stains can be removed entirely as it will depend on the nature of stains (e.g., how long has the stain been around, how deep is the stain). 

If you are unsure, you can always reach out to us with pictures and description of the stain and our friendly sales personnel will advise you from there. 

On Products:

7.  What are the delivery charges for the products?

There will be a small delivery fee of $8 if order is less than $35. Island wide delivery excluding Jurong Island, Sentosa, restricted airlines and cargo areas (such as airport cargo complexes, and airline roads) and other locations that are not on mainland Singapore.

8.  What is the refund and return policy for the product?

Our crews do a thorough check on the quality of the product before handing it to our delivery partner. Hence, we do not offer any refund/return of the product.

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