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Founded in 2019, EasyCleanSG is a NEA Licensed, professional cleaning company founded by 4 enthusiasts who focus on residential, commercial and family cleaning.

As time goes by, we know that not only everyday hygiene heroes need to be seen and respected like any other profession. Our everyday home service providers are heroes as well. Heroes that work on various aspects of residential homes, from floor to ceiling.

Our Vision          Our Vision

To be the stellar provider of home services in Singapore, ensuring every home we serve is a haven for comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Our Mission         Our Mission

To empower and build a community of everyday home service provider heroes in Singapore and to deliver reliable, efficient, and personalized solutions to enhance customers quality of life.

Our Values          Our Values

It’s an ease to find a quality and reliable home service provider now with EasyCleanSG. 

We acknowledge your needs and requirements while providing appropriate home service solutions.

From home cleaning to air conditioning services to painting services, EasyCleanSG has it sorted for you, all in one stop.

Yare home service specialists are ready to finish the job with great speed and satisfaction.



Sales Manager/Coordinator

I strongly believe in creating the best customer service experience and ensuring that the quality of service rendered is to the best of our ability. In the modern world that we are in, convenience is always our top priority hence providing a one stop service solutions will be the best to suit all your household’ needs. 
Jin Hui
Operations and Sales Executive 

Small but mighty. Creating customised solutions to my clients is my priority. Resources and knowledge is my greatest assest. Let me be your one stop service provider to cater for all your needs.

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