Upholstery Shampooing 

Same day service available from additional $30 onwards*


What is Shampooing?

Shampooing is much like when you are shampooing your hair – using cleaning chemicals to get rid of dirt, grease, and stains on the surface of your upholstery along with agitation. This allows a deeper, more penetrating cleaning, which makes it an effective method to lighten or remove stains. 


EasyCleanSG’s Procedure:

1.    Pre-Inspection

EasyCleanSG’s cleaning crew will visually inspect the item to be cleaned. The cleaning results will depend on the severity of the stain. 

2.    Shampooing

We start with applying cleaning agents on the surface to break down the dirt and stains for a more thorough cleaning. 

3.    Scrubbing 

The cleaning crew will then use a brush to scrub the area. This is to activate the stains, dirt and other contaminants out of the surface. 

4.    Wet Extraction 

The soiled residue is then collected using wet extraction method with hot water injection at 165 degrees Celsius. The high temperature helps to sanitize and deodorize your fabric too. 

EasyCleanSG recommend to use shampooing for upholstery that are not cleaned for a long time. 


Drop a WhatsApp text or call EasyCleanSG at +65 8875 6476 today to know more about the Upholstery Cleaning Services.


*when deposit is received by 5pm the same working day; depends on location. 

All packages do not include adhesive, floor protection, paint and cement removal, disposal of bulky items off-site, window and door films removal and interior air-con cleaning.

EasyClean SG reserve the right to turn down any services due to unforeseen circumstances that may put our cleaners in any harmful or uncomfortable situation(s). Though we strive to provide the best service for our customers, our cleaners’ well-being is of our utmost priority. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information about EasyClean SG's Terms and Conditions prior to the cleaning services, drop us an email at [email protected]

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