Get a Stress-Free End of Tenancy Cleaning


Is your lease over and you are moving out? Not confident enough in your cleaning skills to ensure a return of the deposit? Why not end your lease properly by letting our cleaning experts in?

It takes time to vacate a rental property properly. It's time to plan your move, reserve a moving vehicle, and pack everything you own. Giving the place the attention it deserves can sometimes left behind because of a never-ending to-do list.

Don't take the chance of losing your deposit by missing this important step. Here at Easy Clean SG, we'll ensure your house is left in perfect condition with our post-tenancy cleaning service.

What does End of Tenancy Cleaning mean?

End of tenancy cleaning, as the name implies, refers to necessary cleaning after your tenancy agreement ends. Dust will be all around on all surfaces, equipment, and decorations. Additionally, tenants must do it in order to get their security deposits refunded and to part ways with their landlord amicably.

Why Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning is Important?

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional end-of-lease cleaning service:

  • Time: Time is the main reason for hiring professional cleaners for cleaning. We all know at the time of moving, it's difficult to clean every nook of the house because of many things. But when you hire cleaning experts, they will free up time for you so that you can complete your important tasks.
  • Cost: Hiring someone to complete a task you could complete yourself might seem odd. A professional team will perform the task more quickly and effectively than if you were doing it yourself. Another advantage is that you won't need to purchase any goods or tools required for a deep clean-up.
  • Deep Cleaning: A professional moving-out cleaning service can remove any form of stain or grime. There's a chance you'll leave some contaminated areas or miss some spots if you want to do the task alone. This will be an issue since mould and mildew can accumulate in the kitchen and bathroom. It will be simpler for them to leave the property immaculate after their service because the professionals know how to get rid of these things consistently.

What is Included in Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?


Living room and Bedrooms 
  • Window cleaning and window grill cleaning (inside only) 
  • Dusting the walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning every ceiling fan and light
  • Mopping and vacuuming the floors
  • Cleaning of all drawers, cabinets, and tabletops (both inside and outside if empty)
  • Cleaning of all light switches and socket outlets (only the outside)

  • Cleaning and sanitising the toilets
  • Wiping down mirrors and sinks
  • Dusting the walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning floor traps
  • Wiping all lights & ceiling fans

  • Vacuuming and cleaning the floors
  • Perform window and window grill cleaning
  • Cleaning the outside of the kitchen exhaust hood, filter, and hob
  • Cleaning the outside of all kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning and degreasing the built-in oven and refrigerator
  • Cleaning all drawers, cupboards, and tabletops (both inside and outside if vacant).
  • Cleaning of all light switches and plug outlets
  • Dusting the walls and ceiling
  • Cleaning and washing the toilet
  • Wiping all lights and ceiling fans

  • Dusting the walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning the ceiling fans and lights; and railings
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Cleaning all cabinets, drawers, and tabletops both inside and out if vacant 
  • Cleaning all light and socket outlets
  • Cleaning all switches 
Store Room
  • Vacuuming and cleaning of floors
  • Dusting and cleaning of ceiling and wall
  • Wiping of racking (if any)


Additional End of Lease Cleaning Services

We offer some additional services that can be added to your end of lease cleaning package. If you want to add any service we can customize your cleaning package!

  • High pressure steam cleaning/shampooing of fabric items
  • Blinds
  • Bathroom acrylic panel
  • Mosquito nettings
  • Landed property: Cleaning of car porch/exterior compound

Benefits of End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

You can rent a reputable End of Lease Cleaning service and have a stress free experience while getting your security deposit refunded. Here are just a few advantages of hiring a pro cleaning service for an end of tenancy clean: 

  • Professional outcomes
  • Save money and time.
  • Less anxiety
  • Avoid injury

Take the Stress Off You with EasyCleanSG

The stress of moving is enough. You need to be concerned about transporting all of your possessions from the house to the new place. You might feel additional pressure if you also have to consider tidying the space you are leaving.

Allow our experts to do the task on your behalf. We work quickly, effectively, and expertly. All of our experts have had extensive training, so they are fully aware of what to look for while completing an end of tenancy cleaning. Don't worry about what we see; when it comes to cleaning ancient apartments and houses, we have seen it all. Both little and big jobs are no problem for us.

Give us a call at +65 8875 6476 or drop us a WhatsApp text today if you require end of lease cleaning services!


All packages do not include shifting, disposal, clearing of choked sinks & toilet bowls, acid washing/polishing/waxing of floors, removal of hard stains with scrapper, handyman services, grout removal and ceiling/wall wiping. 

EasyClean SG reserves the right to turn down any services due to unforeseen circumstances that may put our cleaning crews in any harmful or uncomfortable situation(s). Though we strive to provide the best service for our customers, our cleaning crew’s well-being is of our utmost priority. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information about EasyClean SG's Service Agreement prior to the cleaning services, do check back with EasyClean SG’s sales team or drop us an email at [email protected].

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