End-of-Tenancy Cleaning Services


Many landlords demand that before a tenant vacates the property, they pay for a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service. Collaborating with a dependable neighbourhood cleaning business can save time, money, and stress.

End-of-tenancy cleaning entails getting rid of all filth, grime, and grease from the area, not just vacuuming and dusting. Every piece of furniture, every wall and ceiling surface, the carpets, the windows (inside and out), the kitchen cabinets and appliances, and even the fridge must all be taken into account!

End-of-tenancy cleaning is something that landlords take extremely seriously. You can forfeit your deposit if they decide that you didn't do a good enough job.

Both landlords and tenants benefit from a high-quality End of Lease Cleaning. The expert staff at EasyCleanSG is here to help!

What does End-of-Tenancy Cleaning mean?

End of tenancy cleaning, as the name implies, refers to necessary cleaning after your tenancy agreement ends. Dust will be all around on all surfaces, equipment, and decorations. Additionally, tenants must do it in order to get their security deposits refunded and to part ways with their landlord amicably.

What Does the End of Lease Cleaning Service Include?

When EasyCleanSG cleaning team visits your home, they must first evaluate the area to ensure everything on their checklist is there. To keep things spotless, they will make a note of any areas that might require extra cleaning.


  • Floors will be mopped and vacuumed.
  • Internal and external cleaning of the oven
  • The cooktop, handles, and knobs will be cleaned.
  • Kitchen cabinet cleaning on the inside and outside
  • The sink will be cleaned.
  • Every electrical device has been cleaned and sanitised.

Living Room

  • Dust will not be applied on all surfaces, appliances, and decorations.
  • Vacuuming of rugs and carpets (steam carpet cleaning and stain removal treatment are available at discounted rates)
  • Cleaning of the furniture
  • Window sills, light switches, and skirting boards will be cleaned.
  • Cobwebs will be taken down
  • Interior windows may be cleaned, and blinds may be dusted.


  • Surfaces and floors will be scrubbed thoroughly.
  • All photos and mirrors will be removed.
  • Skirting boards and window sills will be cleaned.
  • Cobwebs will be taken down
  • Dusting of interior and outside of wardrobes, cabinets, and drawers


Benefits of End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

You can rent a reputable End of Lease Cleaning service and have a stress-free experience while getting your security deposit refunded. Here are just a few advantages of hiring a pro cleaning service for an end-of-tenancy clean: 

  • Professional outcomes
  • Save money and time.
  • Less anxiety
  • Avoid injury

Take the Stress Off You with EasyCleanSG

The stress of moving is enough. You need to be concerned about transporting all of your possessions from the house to the new place. You might feel additional pressure if you also have to consider tidying the space you are leaving.

Allow our experts to do the task on your behalf. We work quickly, effectively, and expertly. All of our experts have had extensive training, so they are fully aware of what to look for while completing an end-of-tenancy cleaning. Don't worry about what we see; when it comes to cleaning ancient apartments and houses, we have seen it all. Both little and big jobs are no problem for us.

Give us a call at +65 8875 6476 or drop us a WhatsApp text today if you require end-of-lease cleaning services!


All packages do not include adhesive, floor protection, paint and cement removal, disposal of bulky items off-site, window and door films removal and interior air-con cleaning. 

EasyCleanSG reserve the right to turn down any services due to unforeseen circumstances that may put our cleaners in any harmful or uncomfortable situation(s). Though we strive to provide the best service for our customers, our cleaners’ well-being is of our utmost priority. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information about EasyCleanSG's Terms and Conditions prior to the cleaning services, drop us an email at [email protected]


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