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We chanced upon EASYCLEANSG whilst searching for grout cleaning services. We enquired about their services late Sunday afternoon and they were able to arrange slot for us on Tuesday. All queries were addressed promptly and clearly. I wasn't sure what to expect and wasn't really hopeful of the outcome because the grout on my floors were really bad. The outcome of the grout cleaning really exceeded my expectations. The guys were punctual and friendly and explain the cleaning process before starting. They even completed the cleaning way before he stipulated time.

~~ Pamela Leo, September 2021 (Google Review) ~~

Great service rendered by a team of young entrepreneurs! Engaged them to clean the whole house after the Home Improvement Programme (HIP). They did a superb job in a matter of few hours allowing us to move back in ASAP after the huge renovation work. Kudos and highly recommend 👍🏻

~~ Alvin Lee, June 2021 (Google Review) ~~

Hired the professional cleaning service from EasyCleanSG. This is when another service provider left the cleaning in between when their vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped working and they said we cannot continue to work and clean. This was so disappointing because we had packed up almost all our stuff so as to clean the house properly. We needed someone urgently to complete the cleaning of house. I came across EasyCleanSG on internet and called them up asking next day cleaning service. The team responded on priority and arranged the cleaning service for next day morning. Thanks to Jason! Three friendly professionals Joel, Darren and CG attended on Sunday morning as planned. These guys cleaned the house very professionally. Their equipments and method was much superior and professional. They effectively cleaned the house and also addressed few minor things run time though that was not the agreed scope of work. Highly recommend the service of EasyCleanSG! Thank you guys!! 👍🏻

~~ Lalit Motake, May 2021 (Google Review) ~~

I've never had a professional cleaning service done before but with my new house, I think that was needed. All I can say is that the gentlemen that came to clean my house were not only professional, they were meticulous in cleaning all my windows. They took their time in ensuring that everything was done properly and not just rush through it. The results were stunning and honestly just made my whole house feel fresh and new. I would highly recommend them to anyone as not only are they friendly, they get the job done very well. You can even buy chemicals from them for your weekly cleaning. So thank you for the wonderful cleaning service!

~~ Brendon Noronha, April 2021 (Google Review) ~~

Last month, I have engaged #EasyCleansg to clean my home. Decided to engage them, due to they are able to provide both human and machine cleaning service. They use professional floor cleaning machine to clean my floor and turn up excellent result. Next, they also using their professional and excellent detergent to clean all my home toilets, kitchen, rooms and living hall areas. Their tip-top excellent service, development my confidence to them and graceful to having them, before the current covid-19 virus is getting serious. I am living happily in my very clean home now. Will definitely engage them again on regular basis or once I need any big cleaning service. Thank you EasyClean (SG) 😊 đŸ˜ŠđŸ˜Š

~~ Joanna Cheung, March 2020 (Facebook Review) ~~

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